This is a very short snippet of a story that I wrote. It’s unfinished and I probably might not finish writing it. It’s not professional or edited, so excuse the mistakes or confusion on any part. It’s just a story I made up for fun. Enjoy:

Northern territory: Henry Holt is the leader of all shapeshifters. Known as the Wolves, Henry rules his people with an iron fist and makes sure no one disobeys him. He controls weaponry and makes a huge impact on the economy with his weapons. He’s dangerous, intimidating and rough but kind to his close followers.

Eastern territory: Kellan is the leader of the Wraths. Known for controlling vampires, he is equally strong as Henry and just as dangerous. His people are vampires, zombies, and parasites. He is the leader of the human trading system: selling girls, women and sometimes men to underground business and organization. A very dangerous man.

Southern territory: No one knows who controls the Shadows. The Shadows are still a mystery and basically the most dangerous monster ever made. They control bodies, minds, and the elements. There are very few shadows but they are kept away from curious eyes. No one knows anything about the Shadows.

Western territory: President James Walker is the leader of all humans. He is a regular human but have enough power to prove himself worthy to be one of the leaders in this city. He is known for his maximum security system and assassins. Just as dangerous as the other leaders, James Walker is a persuasive and manipulating man who can easily kill with a smile on his face.

These four leaders keep the peace in this city and keep their people from killing each other, even though these leaders are just as evil and deadly. No one goes unpunished and there are eyes everywhere. Humans and monsters live in fear for each other and from each other as they try to live each day. On the outside, this city looks like a normal, bustling city full of people working and getting by. But underneath everything, is a war that is approaching very quickly. There are drugs and crimes, prostitution and murder. Overall, there are these four leaders that controls everything, making the world they live in a living war zone.

Kieran stood by Henry as he stared at the bleeding man chained to a chair just ten feet away. He was short, with a small build. He looked to be about thirty but his face held a youthful appearance. His lip was cut and bleeding, one eye was starting to close and swell, and his arm was twisted in a funny direction. Henry was casually sprawled in his desk chair, smoking a cigar, and staring at the man with hooded eyes. The man in front of them was an intruder, a trespasser who walked into their land. From what his people told him, this man killed a lot of women and children in their territory and Henry was here to give out punishment. What they are trying to figure out is, who is he and where did he come from.

Henry stood up and slowly walked towards the bleeding man. Henry was a massive man, standing over 6’6, with a tan face and intimidating brown eyes. He had long black hair that was always kept in a ponytail and a big build of a warrior. He was a wolf in disguised as a human. Kieran knew how powerful and dangerous Henry was but some didn’t until they don’t see his claws coming for them.

“Who are you and why did you come to my territory? Are you starting a war with us, is your leader trying to start something?” Henry stared at the man. “Looks and smells human but I’m not sure. Are you a part of the Shadows?” Henry wondered.

The man stayed silent and Henry sighed. Suddenly, Kieran’s phone went off and he excused himself to pick it up. Listening to his second-in-command, Kieran’s eyes shot up as he walked back into the room. Before he could say anything to Henry, the double doors of the office flew open and five people walked in.

Kieran took a step forward until he was right next to Henry, not protecting him but fighting alongside him. These five people looked human but their every essence felt wrong. The man, who looked like their leader, stood in front. He looked like a normal human, with short brown hair, honey golden eyes and had a long and slender build. He was dressed in a suit and carried an air of intelligence and control.

Next to him was a girl, about nineteen years old. She had long black hair, a pale yet flawless face, icy blue eyes and a thin frame. She looked innocent and out of place in this room full of monsters but her eyes held no emotion and Kieran sensed that she carried the most dangerous feeling of them all.

The three men behind them looked like guards. Kieran guessed the two people in front was the important people. Henry gave a loud laugh with no warmth. Kieran rested his hand on his gun but did not pull it out. Mind-linking with his fellow guards, he ordered them to have this whole place on guard and ready for any attacks.

“Lucas, what a surprise, is this one of yours?” Henry asked.

Lucas stared into Henry and Kieran could feel the tension and the fight for dominance radiating from them throughout the whole room. Lucas nodded and broke up the tension as he turned his eyes to look at the bleeding man.

“I apologize for this stupid servant of mine. I would like to have your permission to punish him on your home turf. I feel embarrassed that someone from my territory come and ruin yours.” Lucas said and bowed slightly.

“So then it’s not a declaration for war?” Henry said.

Lucas smiled. “Of course not, a war would be a stupid thing to have, especially against monsters like us. I did not know that he escaped and killed in another territory. I came here the minute I found out. I apologize again, Henry. I will punish him severely.” Lucas explained.

Henry said nothing as he assessed Lucas. Henry knew Lucas for a long time and knew he wasn’t the leader of the Shadows but he powerful enough that he could become one. Henry nodded and went back to his chair and sat down.

“Fine, punish him here. I want to see the fear and the pain in his eyes. He killed valuable people in my territory and he should suffer.” Henry said.

Lucas nodded and walked towards the bleeding man. The girl followed but the guards held back. The man began crying and begging for his life as he saw his leader appear in front of him. Kieran had on a poker face as he watched the man cry. This was a cruel place and kindness meant weakness. You do not show fear in front of monsters because they will hone in on it and they will kill you.

Lucas glared at the crying man and sneered in disgust. “It seems like you haven’t learned you lesson yet, Adam. I gave you a warning and now look at the mess we have to clean up.” Lucas sighed with aggravation and turned towards the Henry.

“If I may ask, how many did this worthless fool kill?” Lucas asked him.

“He killed ten women and five children. Toyed with them first and then tortured them before eating them at the end.” Henry told him gravelly.

Lucas nodded and whispered something in the girls’ ear. The girl nodded, listening carefully to what he was saying. She nodded once more before turning her icy blue eyes to the man. The moment their eyes met, the man began begging and crying for forgiveness but the girl ignored it. Kieran felt the temperature drop and he suppressed a shiver as a rush of fear ran down his spine. He knew something very bad was going to happen.

She looked at him, assessing, before taking one step forward. The next thing she did almost stopped Kieran heart out of fear. The girl was grinning, smiling like an insane person. It was evil, crazy, fake and truly frightening. She lifted her hand and softly touched his bloody cheek, her hands coming off with blood. She looked at the blood and then it instantly disappeared from her hands.

“Who am I?” She asked in a soft melodic voice.

The bloody man shuddered. “My queen, leader of the Shadows, controller of darkness, Lillian.” The man said automatically.

Lillian nodded. “And who are you?” She said.

“Nothing, a speck of dust, dirt, garbage.” He replied.

“Good.” She said.

With a flick of her hand, the man exploded in a wave of blood, like a bomb exploded inside of him, and splashed onto the walls and floor. Lucas walked over to her and gently wiped the blood from her face. Smiling at her, Lucas kissed her cheek and bowed low before turning towards Kieran and Henry.

“I would like to introduce to you, my Queen, the leader of the Shadows, ruler of the darkness, Lillian.” Lucas said.



I’ve been having really awesome dreams lately and it makes me want to live in my dream world way more than the real one. I would have dreams where I had incredible powers and people are out to get me. I would run down through streets and alleyways, trying to get rid of these people chasing me. The feeling of getting chased makes me feel like I’m some important character in this dream and someone wants me because of my incredible power. I clearly remember this one dream I had a couple of weeks ago because the moment I woke up from that dream, I instantly began writing a story based on this dream I had.

I had that ability to travel to different worlds where I live several different lives. In one world, I was a powerful queen who ruled over a large colony. The world was always changing, the ground became clouds and I remember sitting on a shaded platform watching a group of men playing some competitive sport. Suddenly, I was being chased by someone as the world turned chaotic. Trying to get away from whoever was chasing me, I entered a room with a huge pool. Sensing whoever it was chasing me, behind me, I jumped into the pool and vanished, waking up in another world. I woke up gasping, a dirty pool just five feet away from where I was laying down. I was in a world where danger lurks in every corner.  I was nobody in this world and lived in this broken down house. I would walk outside and see homeless people, kids and adults, walking around the dirt roads and the sky was a dusty pink.

In this world, I felt like someone was trying to catch me, even though I was nobody. Running out of the house, I raced down the dirt road until I passed a high school. Suddenly I was thrown into another world. A world just like today. I was a high school student, who was insanely popular and had the best boyfriend. Everyone knew who I was and some of my closest friends knew about these powers I had. The school was having a huge celebration and everyone was in high spirits. Everything was perfect.

As I traveled from one world to the next, I realized that no one noticed I was ever gone. Life went on as if I was there. It was a fascinating dream that made me want to go back and revisit. Most of my dreams are based on what I watched or did that day. I was reading a manga about zombies and the world ending and I had a dream where I had a gun and killed countless of zombies from my own home. I was watching Shingeki no Kyojin and wondered if our world was attacked by man-eating titans. That night, I had a dream where I was at a school that was surrounded by titans and I had to kill them. Some dreams aren’t that exciting but when I do have exciting dreams, like killing zombies, they become some of the best dreams ever.


78466l (picture from myanimelist)

-Spoiler Alert!-

I am currently watching this season’s anime and Kiznaiver is probably one of my favorites. This is an original anime from Trigger, an anime studio known for Kill la Kill. I think so far, this anime is doing great and I love learning about each of these characters and their background story. The plot revolves around seven high school students, who have no connection towards each other besides being in the same classroom (except for the main character and his childhood friend), who experience this bond of sharing the same pain. This is called the Kizuna System. It’s a little confusing at first, but after watching the first six episodes, they explain more about this theme.

“Everyone wants to connect with someone else” – Sonozaki Noriko

These seven people equally share pain amongst each other and through several circumstances, their bonds with each other grow. They are picked due to this concept of the “Seven Deadly Sins” but in this anime, the titles are different from the original seven deadly sins.

  1. The Cunning Normal – Yuta-kun
  2. High and Mighty – Maki-san
  3. Annoyingly Self-Righteous – Chidori-san
  4. The Eccentric Headcase – Nico-san
  5. The Imbecile – Katsuhira-kun
  6. Muscle-head Thug – Tenga-kun
  7. Immoral – Hisomu-kun

Our main character, Katsuhira-kun, feels no pain and has no interest in other people. He’s indifferent, “airy” and a little emotionless. As he goes on these missions run by Sonozaki-san, he discovers that there is more than just physical pain, but emotional pain as well. You see his character develop a little throughout these six episodes, from someone who doesn’t really care about himself to someone who’s starting to feel.

Throughout each episode, they go on missions that help strengthen their bonds. In their first mission, they discovered that they could share physical pain when one of the seven people get hurt. The second mission, they realized that they could also feel each other’s emotional pain, pain from the heart. There’s something different about this anime that makes me want to find more about their story and what is the real Kizuna System. I have some theories and questions about this anime that keeps me coming back for more.

My Theories:

  1. I have a feeling that the Kizuna Committee tried this Kizuna System before in the past but failed in succeeding whatever they were trying to accomplish.
  2. I feel that Katsuhira and Sonozaki are connected to each other in the past – if you look at the beginning and his flashback, the mysterious girl looks like Sonozaki.
  3. I also think Sonozaki and Hisomu have a connection because there was this scene where Maki and Yuta was talking about how dangerous Hisomu was and how he might be connected with Sonozaki. The moment Hisomu showed up, Sonozaki did too.
  4. I think Katsuhira lost his past memories and the only one who knows that is Sonozaki.
  5. I think Katsuhira and Sonozaki was in the Kizuna System when they were little (flashback scene) but failed which made Katsuhira lose his memories and Sonozaki being apart of the Committee as punishment?

Overall, great anime so far. I’m going to keep watching and keep updating.


“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” – Proverbs 3:5

God has always giving me strength when I’m weak, hope when I’m lost, and love when I’m broken. Life before Christ was, pretty much, hell but the moment I met Christ, my whole life changed. God has given me so many blessings that I can’t even think of counting them all and I am incredibly thankful that He is in my life.

Listening to Christian music played a huge part in my faith. I will say, honestly, I don’t read that Bible. I read a few chapters here and there and I listen to my pastor preach but I don’t take the time to just sit down and read the Bible. Instead, I listen to Christian music. I sing and worship to Christian music and it brings me so much joy. So here is a list of some of my favorite songs. Enjoy!

  1.  Cornerstone by Hillsong: “My hope is built, on nothing less, than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.”
  2. Everlasting God by New Life Worship: “You never change, you will remain, you are the everlasting God.”
  3. Faithful God by Laura Story: “Faithful God, every promise kept, every need you met, Faithful God.”
  4. From the Inside Out by Hillsong United: “In my heart and my soul, Lord I give you control, consume from the inside out.”
  5. Guardian by Worship Central: “When I hear you say, ‘trust and obey’, I will walk by faith, and not by sight. God of my life.”
  6. Help Me Find It by Sidewalk Prophets: “If there’s a road I should walk, help me find it. And if I need to be still, give me peace for the moment.”
  7. His Kind of Love by Group 1 Crew: “His kind of love, is reckless for us.”
  8. I Desire Jesus by Hillsong“I desire Jesus, oh his name, my soul esteem”
  9. Keep Making Me by Sidewalk Prophets: “Make me lonely, so I can be yours. Till I want no one, more than you Lord.”
  10. Let It Be Jesus by Passion (ft. Christy Nockels): “For me, to live is Christ. God I breathe your name, above anything.”
  11. The Light in Me by Brandon Heath“You are the maker, you tell the sun when to rise, I’m just a house on a hill. But you make me brighter, than all the stars in the sky, keep me from growing dim.”
  12. My Hope Is In You by Aaron Shust: “I wait for you and my soul finds rest. In my selfishness, You showed me grace.”
  13. Reign in Us by Starfield“Lord Jesus, come lead us. We’re desperate for your touch”
  14. Remind Me Who I Am by Jason Gray: “If I’m your beloved, can you help me believe it.”
  15. Touch the Sky by Hillsong United: “What treasure waits within your scars, this gift of freedom gold can’t buy.”
  16. Wake by Hillsong Young & Free: “The streets will glow, forever bright. Your glory’s breaking through the night.”

Korean Dramas I actually finished.

I’m really picky when it comes to Korean drama (and books and music and pretty much everything) and I sometimes don’t finish watching all the episodes. But on some rare chance I do finish one, I feel proud and happy that I did. So here is a list (a small list) of some of the Korean and non dramas I’ve finished and enjoyed.

  1. Kill Me, Heal Me: The Korean drama has 20 awesome episodes about a guy who suffers from a dissociative identity disorder and how he falls in love with his psychiatric doctor. It’s an entertaining, funny yet sad, heart-wrenching, roller coaster ride. It stars Ji Sung (Entertainer) and Hwang Jung Eum (She was Pretty) as the main lead as well as Park Seo Joon (She was Pretty).
  2. Who Are You – School 2015: A 16 episode Korean drama about a girl who was at the top of her school wakes up from amnesia. This drama is full of mystery and surprising twists and turns. It stars Kim So Hyun (The Moon that Embraces the Sun) as the main female lead, Nam Joo Hyuk (Cheese in the Trap) and Yook Sung Jae (BTOB) as the male lead.
  3. 49 days: This Korean drama has 20 episodes of scenes full of mystery and second chances. It’s about a girl who dies in a car accident and has 49 days to find three people who would sincerely cry about her. She possess another girls body to do so and it’s exciting to watch how all of these characters lives are intertwined with each other. It stars Lee Yo Won (Queen Seon Deok) and Nam Gyu Ri (Heartless City).
  4. Autumn’s Concerto: A 21 episode Taiwanese drama about a girl, who overcomes challenging obstacles in order to create a happy life, falling in love with a notorious playboy. It’s a loving tale of first-love, the obstacles of having and child and so much love and heart-break. It stars Ady An and Vanness Wu (Meteor Garden) as the main lead.
  5. Heartless City: A 20 episode Korean drama full of mystery and crime. It’s sexy with a hint of edge. Nam Gyu Ri stars as the main female lead as she goes undercover in a world of crime and drugs. Jung Kyung Ho (Falling for Innocence) is the sexy main male lead.

All these dramas are entertaining to watch and available on DramaFever. (I’m not sponsoring them. I actually watch them on DramaFever and want to share where I watch Korean dramas).


I listen to a lot of K-pop and Korean songs in general and there are some really good one’s out there. So here is a list of some of my favorite Korean songs and why I like them (in no particular order):

  1. Baby Steps by TTS: Who doesn’t know Girl’s Generation? Well, they formed a small little sub-unit called TTS, which consist of Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun. I believe this is a remake, another version, I don’t know, of another song with the same melody (and title?) but I love this song. I’m not sure what they’re saying but it sounds like a very sad song and the piano is beautiful. All three of their voices are perfect for this song and so full of emotion.
  2. Dream by Urban Zakapa: This song somehow makes me feel really happy and airy. Their breathy voice at the beginning combine with the beautiful piano just creates the nice build-up to the chorus. It makes me close my eyes and think of nature and the good times in life. Plus, they have beautiful voices.
  3. Evening Sky by Ailee: I love Ailee and her powerful voice but I also love her more soft and slower songs, like Evening Sky. Her voice is melodious and perfectly suits this song. I love this  and had a time where I would listen to this over and over again. It’s a nice song to listen if you want to hear Ailee’s beautiful voice.
  4. Falling by Hyolyn: Hyolyn has been called the Korean Beyoncé and I don’t disagree. This is one of her less famous song but awesome nonetheless. It starts nice and slow with a catchy mellow melody until you hear the chorus and you’re reminded of something jazzy yet her voice still contains that soft and mellow feel.
  5. I by Taeyeon: Taeyeon is one of the best singers in the K-pop world and one of my favorite singers. Add in Verbal Jint into the mix, and you have a beautiful song about Taeyeon. You can tell how hard she worked on this song by her singing. Her voice is beautiful and unique. I love how this song makes me feel sad yet happy and how she has total control of her voice. Overall, it’s a beautiful song that makes you close you eyes and force back the tears that are threatening to fall.
  6. In Heaven by JYJ: I love JYJ and their singing. They have probably the best singing voices in the world. They can sing high, low, soft, strong, perfect harmony, everything. This song, if you haven’t seen the MV, is very sad. From what I heard and read, Jaejoong wrote this song for a friend who past away (I could be wrong). I love how their voice blends perfectly together and how I could hear the deep emotions of all three singers.
  7. The Chaser by Infinite: I used to be a huge fan of Infinite and this was my favorite song from them. I still love it now. It’s just a nice catchy song that gets my heart racing. The have some good singers, which is always a plus. It’s they type of song where you can move your shoulders to the beat and listen.
  8. Lion Heart by Girls’ Generation: This is my guilty pleasure song. It’s a fun and flirty song that is perfect for when you just want to smile. It’s catchy and just a really fun song. You can’t help but bob you head to the beat and shake your hips a little and sing along.
  9. Party by Girls’ Generation: Another fun and catchy song by Girls’ Generation. The perfect summer song since it’s a song about summer. I enjoy listening to this song because it’s fun to dance and sing to.
  10. Thank you for Breathing by Tablo: I love me some Tablo and this is one of his songs where you can hear some of his nice rapping. It’s catchy and have a really nice beat and sound to it. An enjoyable song to listen to.
  11. Wait for me by Younha: Younha has a beautiful and unique voice and probably one of my favorite Korean singers. She can sing ballads, pop songs, hit high and low notes and an all-round singer. I’m not sure what she’s singing but it sounds sad and emotional. Her voice his super beautiful when she’s singing slower songs like this one and this song shows off some of her superb singing skills.
  12. You by G. Soul: I’m not too familiar with this singer but I watch a MV on YouTube of a Kill Me, Heal Me photoshoot and this song was playing. It just takes me back to the drama and I can’t help but tear up a little. If you’ve watched this drama before, you might know what I’m talking about. It sounds sad yet uplifting. It sounds very pleasing to the ears.
  13. Friday by IU: This is probably not her most famous songs but it’s still a great song. I love IU’s voice and how unique and different it is from other K-pop singers. She has a soft yet strong voice. I love this song because you can hear the different dynamics her voice can produce. It’s catchy and fun and pleasing to hear.
  14. Because of you by Afterschool: My favorite song from Afterschool. The piano is beautiful and how this song was organized was perfect. Kahi’s rap was superb and the chorus was sad. I love how the instruments and special effects (?) help the singing add a more sad feeling to this song.
  15. Poison by Primary: I had a Korean rap and R&B phase and this song was probably my favorite. The piano was perfect and the rap was incredible. I wish I could rap too. The song sounds uplifting and catchy even though it started off slow in the beginning. A great song.
  16. Sea Child by Younha: Another Younha song. I love this song because it just sounds beautiful. I can’t really describe it (and I’m not the best describer if you can tell) but it’s pleasing to listen to. Younha’s voice with the music creates the perfect song.
  17. Chau Chau by Deli Spice: I first heard of this song from Running Man and the first time it played, I went desperately searching for this song. It’s a simple yet catching song. It makes my heart beat and yearn for something. Whenever it plays on Running Man, it was always a happy scene. I love this song.

I’m sure you can listen to most of these songs on YouTube so give it a listen, you won’t regret it!

Finally some sun.

It has been sunny and hot lately in MN and my mood has been quite bright. Outside, I see bugs flying and hear birds singing. The air is warm and sometimes hot, the sun is shining brightly and we finally have color. Trees full of rich green, the ground lush with soft grass and the flowers creating a beautiful artwork of colors. On mother’s day while my family enjoys a nice day at the park, I was sitting outside and reading a book. I was enjoying the warm breeze and the sun as I read quietly to myself. Days like this makes my so thankful to God for creating me and putting me on earth.


Insanity (picture from Goodreads)

-Spoiler Alert!-

“‘This is a message from the Cheshire to the world. Stay away from me and the people I am involved with. This is beyond the FBI, Interpol, and any other authority in the world. The girls I kill have nothing to do with you. It’s a Wonderland War. Stay away. You’ve been warned.'” – Cheshire Cat (Insanity)

Insanity by Cameron Jace is a different retelling of the classic childhood book, Alice in Wonderland. Here is a synopsis here: Insanity. Alice is a patient at an asylum for the insane people. She accidentally killed her classmates and states that she has been to Wonderland. What I love about this book is how Cameron Jace blends in history and facts from the original book into this adventure-packed, mad story.

I love all the characters from this book. Alice is your average insane person. She killed her friends, she’s a patient in an asylum, and she saves the world from Wonderland Monsters. She is the missing key in this Wonderland War the Cheshire Cat has created (or has it always been there and all he needed was the necessary players which makes the Cheshire Cat the catalyst?) and the reason why he is killing girls. Alice is headstrong, confused, mad, insane and had this feeling that if she did the right thing, she was doing something good for herself and the people she saved. I love reading her adventures and how she faced new problems, not only the Cheshire Cat threw at her, but the other Wonderland Monsters (including the Pillar).

The next character, and probably my favorite, is Professor Carter Pillar. He is an ex-professor turned psychotic killer. “‘Oh. You haven’t seen nonsense yet,’ the Pillar said. ‘By the way, I choked one of your guards with my hookah hose and hung him like slaughterhouse meat at the end of the hall. I’d like you to clean that right away, before it begins to smell'” – Professor Carter Pillar (Insanity) How awesome is this guy? He is absolutely insane, mad, and a psychotic killer! He loves to smoke his hookah and he can somehow magically use it to kill people. He is confusing and very mysterious. I’ve read the first five books in this series and I still can’t figure him out. All he wants to do is make Alice believe she’s Alice, stop the Cheshire Cat, and…I haven’t figured out what he really, really wants yet. He is the type of character that will always keep you entertained and second-guess what his real motives are.

Alice and the Pillar goes on grand adventures together in order to stop the Cheshire Cat from killing innocent girls. Throw in the Red Queen, her evil card minions, the Duchess, Jake (a boy that reminds Alice of her boyfriend she accidentally killed) and other insane people and you end up with an awesome retelling of Alice in Wonderland. What makes this story even more awesome is how Cameron Jace incorporates actual facts from the original story and how he dives deeper into the history of the places Alice and the Pillar visits as well at Lewis Carrol himself. You read a lot about Lewis Carrol and his back story as well as the history of these Wonderland characters.

Overall, this is an incredible book and as the story progresses as you read each book, you begin wonder and question and make assumptions to who really is on the good side and who really is on the bad side. You find out more about Alice and how her role fits into this Wonderland War and if she really is the same Alice from Alice in Wonderland. It’s a great read and very entertaining. 10/10!

“When she was sane, she was very, very sane. And when she was mad, she was Alice.” – Insanity, Cameron Jace





untitled (picture from Goodreads)

-To start off, I’m not a professional reviewer. This is just my opinions about this book.-

-Spoiler Alert!!!-

Written in Red by Anne Bishop is an adult Urban Fantasy novel from the series, The Others. Here is a synopsis of the book here: Written in Red. What I liked about this book is how the main female character, Meg, had to adapt in a world of The Others, supernatural beings with human form. She is surrounded by shifters who are always ready to kill, vampires who take in blood with a touch, and girls who names are Winter and Spring.

Meg is a Cassandra sangue, or a blood prophet who can see the future when her skin is cut. After escaping from her confinement, she ends up at the Lakeside Courtyard, a place run by the Others. She meets Simon Wolfgard, a wolf shape-shifter, who pretty much changes her life as she gets hired to become the Human Liaison at the courtyard.

I enjoyed reading Meg’s challenges, obstacles and moments with the Others and how she tries to adapt to the real world after escaping. She is determined, child-like, and always thought of others before herself. Even though she’s a human, she doesn’t act like a human. “‘She does not think like other humans, and she does not think like us. She is something new, something little known and not understood’” (Written in Red).

I love Simon, the wolf shape-shifter. He is an alpha, over-protective, dangerous, and more wolf than human. He is the leader of the Lakeside Courtyard, an experiment where humans can come and shop or come in contact with the Others. When he first met Meg, he hated the way her hair smelled. She smelled like human but not like a prey. I like how Meg brought out the “human” in Simon and how protective he is of Meg. The romance was sweet and subtle, since romance wasn’t the main point in this book. ““He watched her, listened to her, and knew she was truly asleep. He kissed her forehead and found the act pleasing for its own sake. And, he admitted as he licked his lips, it was enjoyable for other reasons. Meg wasn’t bitable, but he really did like the taste of her.”” (Anne Bishop).

Besides the struggles of wanting to cut everyday, Meg has to overcome the challenges of hiding and not getting caught by the Controller, the person in charge of the place she was confined at with other Cassandra sangue. She makes friends the Courtyard and everyone begans to accept and love her for who she was. It’s fascinating to see how these “monsters”, or the terra indigene, open up and accept the humans that work at the Courtyard or the police that drops in from time to time. It was all thanks to Meg, a human that wasn’t really human. She kind of brought the “human” out from all them without them having to be human. They are still terra indigene but thanks to Meg, they are getting used to humans.

Overall, this is one of my favorite series and very enjoyable to read. It gets so much better as the series progress and you see more problems arise as the relationship between humans and terra indigene grow, as the problem with the Cassandra sangue and their need to cut intensify, and Simon and Meg’s growing attraction towards each other grow. It’s very interesting and very enjoyable. The characters are just fascinating to read and the plot is unique. 10/10!