I listen to a lot of K-pop and Korean songs in general and there are some really good one’s out there. So here is a list of some of my favorite Korean songs and why I like them (in no particular order):

  1. Baby Steps by TTS: Who doesn’t know Girl’s Generation? Well, they formed a small little sub-unit called TTS, which consist of Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun. I believe this is a remake, another version, I don’t know, of another song with the same melody (and title?) but I love this song. I’m not sure what they’re saying but it sounds like a very sad song and the piano is beautiful. All three of their voices are perfect for this song and so full of emotion.
  2. Dream by Urban Zakapa: This song somehow makes me feel really happy and airy. Their breathy voice at the beginning combine with the beautiful piano just creates the nice build-up to the chorus. It makes me close my eyes and think of nature and the good times in life. Plus, they have beautiful voices.
  3. Evening Sky by Ailee: I love Ailee and her powerful voice but I also love her more soft and slower songs, like Evening Sky. Her voice is melodious and perfectly suits this song. I love this  and had a time where I would listen to this over and over again. It’s a nice song to listen if you want to hear Ailee’s beautiful voice.
  4. Falling by Hyolyn: Hyolyn has been called the Korean Beyoncé and I don’t disagree. This is one of her less famous song but awesome nonetheless. It starts nice and slow with a catchy mellow melody until you hear the chorus and you’re reminded of something jazzy yet her voice still contains that soft and mellow feel.
  5. I by Taeyeon: Taeyeon is one of the best singers in the K-pop world and one of my favorite singers. Add in Verbal Jint into the mix, and you have a beautiful song about Taeyeon. You can tell how hard she worked on this song by her singing. Her voice is beautiful and unique. I love how this song makes me feel sad yet happy and how she has total control of her voice. Overall, it’s a beautiful song that makes you close you eyes and force back the tears that are threatening to fall.
  6. In Heaven by JYJ: I love JYJ and their singing. They have probably the best singing voices in the world. They can sing high, low, soft, strong, perfect harmony, everything. This song, if you haven’t seen the MV, is very sad. From what I heard and read, Jaejoong wrote this song for a friend who past away (I could be wrong). I love how their voice blends perfectly together and how I could hear the deep emotions of all three singers.
  7. The Chaser by Infinite: I used to be a huge fan of Infinite and this was my favorite song from them. I still love it now. It’s just a nice catchy song that gets my heart racing. The have some good singers, which is always a plus. It’s they type of song where you can move your shoulders to the beat and listen.
  8. Lion Heart by Girls’ Generation: This is my guilty pleasure song. It’s a fun and flirty song that is perfect for when you just want to smile. It’s catchy and just a really fun song. You can’t help but bob you head to the beat and shake your hips a little and sing along.
  9. Party by Girls’ Generation: Another fun and catchy song by Girls’ Generation. The perfect summer song since it’s a song about summer. I enjoy listening to this song because it’s fun to dance and sing to.
  10. Thank you for Breathing by Tablo: I love me some Tablo and this is one of his songs where you can hear some of his nice rapping. It’s catchy and have a really nice beat and sound to it. An enjoyable song to listen to.
  11. Wait for me by Younha: Younha has a beautiful and unique voice and probably one of my favorite Korean singers. She can sing ballads, pop songs, hit high and low notes and an all-round singer. I’m not sure what she’s singing but it sounds sad and emotional. Her voice his super beautiful when she’s singing slower songs like this one and this song shows off some of her superb singing skills.
  12. You by G. Soul: I’m not too familiar with this singer but I watch a MV on YouTube of a Kill Me, Heal Me photoshoot and this song was playing. It just takes me back to the drama and I can’t help but tear up a little. If you’ve watched this drama before, you might know what I’m talking about. It sounds sad yet uplifting. It sounds very pleasing to the ears.
  13. Friday by IU: This is probably not her most famous songs but it’s still a great song. I love IU’s voice and how unique and different it is from other K-pop singers. She has a soft yet strong voice. I love this song because you can hear the different dynamics her voice can produce. It’s catchy and fun and pleasing to hear.
  14. Because of you by Afterschool: My favorite song from Afterschool. The piano is beautiful and how this song was organized was perfect. Kahi’s rap was superb and the chorus was sad. I love how the instruments and special effects (?) help the singing add a more sad feeling to this song.
  15. Poison by Primary: I had a Korean rap and R&B phase and this song was probably my favorite. The piano was perfect and the rap was incredible. I wish I could rap too. The song sounds uplifting and catchy even though it started off slow in the beginning. A great song.
  16. Sea Child by Younha: Another Younha song. I love this song because it just sounds beautiful. I can’t really describe it (and I’m not the best describer if you can tell) but it’s pleasing to listen to. Younha’s voice with the music creates the perfect song.
  17. Chau Chau by Deli Spice: I first heard of this song from Running Man and the first time it played, I went desperately searching for this song. It’s a simple yet catching song. It makes my heart beat and yearn for something. Whenever it plays on Running Man, it was always a happy scene. I love this song.

I’m sure you can listen to most of these songs on YouTube so give it a listen, you won’t regret it!


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