Insanity (picture from Goodreads)

-Spoiler Alert!-

“‘This is a message from the Cheshire to the world. Stay away from me and the people I am involved with. This is beyond the FBI, Interpol, and any other authority in the world. The girls I kill have nothing to do with you. It’s a Wonderland War. Stay away. You’ve been warned.'” – Cheshire Cat (Insanity)

Insanity by Cameron Jace is a different retelling of the classic childhood book, Alice in Wonderland. Here is a synopsis here: Insanity. Alice is a patient at an asylum for the insane people. She accidentally killed her classmates and states that she has been to Wonderland. What I love about this book is how Cameron Jace blends in history and facts from the original book into this adventure-packed, mad story.

I love all the characters from this book. Alice is your average insane person. She killed her friends, she’s a patient in an asylum, and she saves the world from Wonderland Monsters. She is the missing key in this Wonderland War the Cheshire Cat has created (or has it always been there and all he needed was the necessary players which makes the Cheshire Cat the catalyst?) and the reason why he is killing girls. Alice is headstrong, confused, mad, insane and had this feeling that if she did the right thing, she was doing something good for herself and the people she saved. I love reading her adventures and how she faced new problems, not only the Cheshire Cat threw at her, but the other Wonderland Monsters (including the Pillar).

The next character, and probably my favorite, is Professor Carter Pillar. He is an ex-professor turned psychotic killer. “‘Oh. You haven’t seen nonsense yet,’ the Pillar said. ‘By the way, I choked one of your guards with my hookah hose and hung him like slaughterhouse meat at the end of the hall. I’d like you to clean that right away, before it begins to smell'” – Professor Carter Pillar (Insanity) How awesome is this guy? He is absolutely insane, mad, and a psychotic killer! He loves to smoke his hookah and he can somehow magically use it to kill people. He is confusing and very mysterious. I’ve read the first five books in this series and I still can’t figure him out. All he wants to do is make Alice believe she’s Alice, stop the Cheshire Cat, and…I haven’t figured out what he really, really wants yet. He is the type of character that will always keep you entertained and second-guess what his real motives are.

Alice and the Pillar goes on grand adventures together in order to stop the Cheshire Cat from killing innocent girls. Throw in the Red Queen, her evil card minions, the Duchess, Jake (a boy that reminds Alice of her boyfriend she accidentally killed) and other insane people and you end up with an awesome retelling of Alice in Wonderland. What makes this story even more awesome is how Cameron Jace incorporates actual facts from the original story and how he dives deeper into the history of the places Alice and the Pillar visits as well at Lewis Carrol himself. You read a lot about Lewis Carrol and his back story as well as the history of these Wonderland characters.

Overall, this is an incredible book and as the story progresses as you read each book, you begin wonder and question and make assumptions to who really is on the good side and who really is on the bad side. You find out more about Alice and how her role fits into this Wonderland War and if she really is the same Alice from Alice in Wonderland. It’s a great read and very entertaining. 10/10!

“When she was sane, she was very, very sane. And when she was mad, she was Alice.” – Insanity, Cameron Jace





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