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-Spoiler Alert!-

I am currently watching this season’s anime and Kiznaiver is probably one of my favorites. This is an original anime from Trigger, an anime studio known for Kill la Kill. I think so far, this anime is doing great and I love learning about each of these characters and their background story. The plot revolves around seven high school students, who have no connection towards each other besides being in the same classroom (except for the main character and his childhood friend), who experience this bond of sharing the same pain. This is called the Kizuna System. It’s a little confusing at first, but after watching the first six episodes, they explain more about this theme.

“Everyone wants to connect with someone else” – Sonozaki Noriko

These seven people equally share pain amongst each other and through several circumstances, their bonds with each other grow. They are picked due to this concept of the “Seven Deadly Sins” but in this anime, the titles are different from the original seven deadly sins.

  1. The Cunning Normal – Yuta-kun
  2. High and Mighty – Maki-san
  3. Annoyingly Self-Righteous – Chidori-san
  4. The Eccentric Headcase – Nico-san
  5. The Imbecile – Katsuhira-kun
  6. Muscle-head Thug – Tenga-kun
  7. Immoral – Hisomu-kun

Our main character, Katsuhira-kun, feels no pain and has no interest in other people. He’s indifferent, “airy” and a little emotionless. As he goes on these missions run by Sonozaki-san, he discovers that there is more than just physical pain, but emotional pain as well. You see his character develop a little throughout these six episodes, from someone who doesn’t really care about himself to someone who’s starting to feel.

Throughout each episode, they go on missions that help strengthen their bonds. In their first mission, they discovered that they could share physical pain when one of the seven people get hurt. The second mission, they realized that they could also feel each other’s emotional pain, pain from the heart. There’s something different about this anime that makes me want to find more about their story and what is the real Kizuna System. I have some theories and questions about this anime that keeps me coming back for more.

My Theories:

  1. I have a feeling that the Kizuna Committee tried this Kizuna System before in the past but failed in succeeding whatever they were trying to accomplish.
  2. I feel that Katsuhira and Sonozaki are connected to each other in the past – if you look at the beginning and his flashback, the mysterious girl looks like Sonozaki.
  3. I also think Sonozaki and Hisomu have a connection because there was this scene where Maki and Yuta was talking about how dangerous Hisomu was and how he might be connected with Sonozaki. The moment Hisomu showed up, Sonozaki did too.
  4. I think Katsuhira lost his past memories and the only one who knows that is Sonozaki.
  5. I think Katsuhira and Sonozaki was in the Kizuna System when they were little (flashback scene) but failed which made Katsuhira lose his memories and Sonozaki being apart of the Committee as punishment?

Overall, great anime so far. I’m going to keep watching and keep updating.


2 thoughts on “KIZNIAVER EP. 1-6 THOUGHTS.

  1. It is interesting looking back at where this series started. I’m really thinking a lot of the things that have been bugging me probably wouldn’t so much if I’d just marathoned this show rather than watching it week to week. The space in between gives me too much time to pick at plot holes. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this series so far.


  2. I absolutely agree. I rewatched all six before writing this review and saw how a lot of things fit together and made more sense than just watching the each episode weekly.


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