This is a very short snippet of a story that I wrote. It’s unfinished and I probably might not finish writing it. It’s not professional or edited, so excuse the mistakes or confusion on any part. It’s just a story I made up for fun. Enjoy:

Northern territory: Henry Holt is the leader of all shapeshifters. Known as the Wolves, Henry rules his people with an iron fist and makes sure no one disobeys him. He controls weaponry and makes a huge impact on the economy with his weapons. He’s dangerous, intimidating and rough but kind to his close followers.

Eastern territory: Kellan is the leader of the Wraths. Known for controlling vampires, he is equally strong as Henry and just as dangerous. His people are vampires, zombies, and parasites. He is the leader of the human trading system: selling girls, women and sometimes men to underground business and organization. A very dangerous man.

Southern territory: No one knows who controls the Shadows. The Shadows are still a mystery and basically the most dangerous monster ever made. They control bodies, minds, and the elements. There are very few shadows but they are kept away from curious eyes. No one knows anything about the Shadows.

Western territory: President James Walker is the leader of all humans. He is a regular human but have enough power to prove himself worthy to be one of the leaders in this city. He is known for his maximum security system and assassins. Just as dangerous as the other leaders, James Walker is a persuasive and manipulating man who can easily kill with a smile on his face.

These four leaders keep the peace in this city and keep their people from killing each other, even though these leaders are just as evil and deadly. No one goes unpunished and there are eyes everywhere. Humans and monsters live in fear for each other and from each other as they try to live each day. On the outside, this city looks like a normal, bustling city full of people working and getting by. But underneath everything, is a war that is approaching very quickly. There are drugs and crimes, prostitution and murder. Overall, there are these four leaders that controls everything, making the world they live in a living war zone.

Kieran stood by Henry as he stared at the bleeding man chained to a chair just ten feet away. He was short, with a small build. He looked to be about thirty but his face held a youthful appearance. His lip was cut and bleeding, one eye was starting to close and swell, and his arm was twisted in a funny direction. Henry was casually sprawled in his desk chair, smoking a cigar, and staring at the man with hooded eyes. The man in front of them was an intruder, a trespasser who walked into their land. From what his people told him, this man killed a lot of women and children in their territory and Henry was here to give out punishment. What they are trying to figure out is, who is he and where did he come from.

Henry stood up and slowly walked towards the bleeding man. Henry was a massive man, standing over 6’6, with a tan face and intimidating brown eyes. He had long black hair that was always kept in a ponytail and a big build of a warrior. He was a wolf in disguised as a human. Kieran knew how powerful and dangerous Henry was but some didn’t until they don’t see his claws coming for them.

“Who are you and why did you come to my territory? Are you starting a war with us, is your leader trying to start something?” Henry stared at the man. “Looks and smells human but I’m not sure. Are you a part of the Shadows?” Henry wondered.

The man stayed silent and Henry sighed. Suddenly, Kieran’s phone went off and he excused himself to pick it up. Listening to his second-in-command, Kieran’s eyes shot up as he walked back into the room. Before he could say anything to Henry, the double doors of the office flew open and five people walked in.

Kieran took a step forward until he was right next to Henry, not protecting him but fighting alongside him. These five people looked human but their every essence felt wrong. The man, who looked like their leader, stood in front. He looked like a normal human, with short brown hair, honey golden eyes and had a long and slender build. He was dressed in a suit and carried an air of intelligence and control.

Next to him was a girl, about nineteen years old. She had long black hair, a pale yet flawless face, icy blue eyes and a thin frame. She looked innocent and out of place in this room full of monsters but her eyes held no emotion and Kieran sensed that she carried the most dangerous feeling of them all.

The three men behind them looked like guards. Kieran guessed the two people in front was the important people. Henry gave a loud laugh with no warmth. Kieran rested his hand on his gun but did not pull it out. Mind-linking with his fellow guards, he ordered them to have this whole place on guard and ready for any attacks.

“Lucas, what a surprise, is this one of yours?” Henry asked.

Lucas stared into Henry and Kieran could feel the tension and the fight for dominance radiating from them throughout the whole room. Lucas nodded and broke up the tension as he turned his eyes to look at the bleeding man.

“I apologize for this stupid servant of mine. I would like to have your permission to punish him on your home turf. I feel embarrassed that someone from my territory come and ruin yours.” Lucas said and bowed slightly.

“So then it’s not a declaration for war?” Henry said.

Lucas smiled. “Of course not, a war would be a stupid thing to have, especially against monsters like us. I did not know that he escaped and killed in another territory. I came here the minute I found out. I apologize again, Henry. I will punish him severely.” Lucas explained.

Henry said nothing as he assessed Lucas. Henry knew Lucas for a long time and knew he wasn’t the leader of the Shadows but he powerful enough that he could become one. Henry nodded and went back to his chair and sat down.

“Fine, punish him here. I want to see the fear and the pain in his eyes. He killed valuable people in my territory and he should suffer.” Henry said.

Lucas nodded and walked towards the bleeding man. The girl followed but the guards held back. The man began crying and begging for his life as he saw his leader appear in front of him. Kieran had on a poker face as he watched the man cry. This was a cruel place and kindness meant weakness. You do not show fear in front of monsters because they will hone in on it and they will kill you.

Lucas glared at the crying man and sneered in disgust. “It seems like you haven’t learned you lesson yet, Adam. I gave you a warning and now look at the mess we have to clean up.” Lucas sighed with aggravation and turned towards the Henry.

“If I may ask, how many did this worthless fool kill?” Lucas asked him.

“He killed ten women and five children. Toyed with them first and then tortured them before eating them at the end.” Henry told him gravelly.

Lucas nodded and whispered something in the girls’ ear. The girl nodded, listening carefully to what he was saying. She nodded once more before turning her icy blue eyes to the man. The moment their eyes met, the man began begging and crying for forgiveness but the girl ignored it. Kieran felt the temperature drop and he suppressed a shiver as a rush of fear ran down his spine. He knew something very bad was going to happen.

She looked at him, assessing, before taking one step forward. The next thing she did almost stopped Kieran heart out of fear. The girl was grinning, smiling like an insane person. It was evil, crazy, fake and truly frightening. She lifted her hand and softly touched his bloody cheek, her hands coming off with blood. She looked at the blood and then it instantly disappeared from her hands.

“Who am I?” She asked in a soft melodic voice.

The bloody man shuddered. “My queen, leader of the Shadows, controller of darkness, Lillian.” The man said automatically.

Lillian nodded. “And who are you?” She said.

“Nothing, a speck of dust, dirt, garbage.” He replied.

“Good.” She said.

With a flick of her hand, the man exploded in a wave of blood, like a bomb exploded inside of him, and splashed onto the walls and floor. Lucas walked over to her and gently wiped the blood from her face. Smiling at her, Lucas kissed her cheek and bowed low before turning towards Kieran and Henry.

“I would like to introduce to you, my Queen, the leader of the Shadows, ruler of the darkness, Lillian.” Lucas said.


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