I’ve been having really awesome dreams lately and it makes me want to live in my dream world way more than the real one. I would have dreams where I had incredible powers and people are out to get me. I would run down through streets and alleyways, trying to get rid of these people chasing me. The feeling of getting chased makes me feel like I’m some important character in this dream and someone wants me because of my incredible power. I clearly remember this one dream I had a couple of weeks ago because the moment I woke up from that dream, I instantly began writing a story based on this dream I had.

I had that ability to travel to different worlds where I live several different lives. In one world, I was a powerful queen who ruled over a large colony. The world was always changing, the ground became clouds and I remember sitting on a shaded platform watching a group of men playing some competitive sport. Suddenly, I was being chased by someone as the world turned chaotic. Trying to get away from whoever was chasing me, I entered a room with a huge pool. Sensing whoever it was chasing me, behind me, I jumped into the pool and vanished, waking up in another world. I woke up gasping, a dirty pool just five feet away from where I was laying down. I was in a world where danger lurks in every corner.  I was nobody in this world and lived in this broken down house. I would walk outside and see homeless people, kids and adults, walking around the dirt roads and the sky was a dusty pink.

In this world, I felt like someone was trying to catch me, even though I was nobody. Running out of the house, I raced down the dirt road until I passed a high school. Suddenly I was thrown into another world. A world just like today. I was a high school student, who was insanely popular and had the best boyfriend. Everyone knew who I was and some of my closest friends knew about these powers I had. The school was having a huge celebration and everyone was in high spirits. Everything was perfect.

As I traveled from one world to the next, I realized that no one noticed I was ever gone. Life went on as if I was there. It was a fascinating dream that made me want to go back and revisit. Most of my dreams are based on what I watched or did that day. I was reading a manga about zombies and the world ending and I had a dream where I had a gun and killed countless of zombies from my own home. I was watching Shingeki no Kyojin and wondered if our world was attacked by man-eating titans. That night, I had a dream where I was at a school that was surrounded by titans and I had to kill them. Some dreams aren’t that exciting but when I do have exciting dreams, like killing zombies, they become some of the best dreams ever.


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