Fall is just around the corner and the weather is getting cooler. Here in MN, it’s still hot but you can feel the fall vibe closing in. Out of all the seasons, I love Fall for it’s long-sleeves, pumpkin spice everything, a house warmed by the fire from the fire place, cozy days reading, and fashion. Fall is my favorite season to wear a variety of different clothing pieces and I love the struggle to stay warm and still look good. Here are some of my fall necessities that I will be wearing.

-Black Leggings: Fall and leggings go hand-in-hand. You can wear a long sweater and put on some black leggings and boots and you’re good to go. The weather is not too cold but chilly enough to wear your favorite leggings.

 (picture from yesstyle)

Long Cardigans: When the stores are selling cardigans, you know fall is coming. I love wearing long and thick cardigans over a simple tee and some jeans or over a dress and tights. You can dress it up or dress it down.

 (picture from yesstyle)

-Brown Boots: Brown boots are an essential in fall fashion. Brown boots come in all shapes in sizes, from cute booties to knee-high faux leather ones. Wear them over black leggings or a pair of jeans and you’re ready for a night in town.

 (picture from yesstyle)

-Sweaters: I love wearing sweaters during fall and mostly during winter. I enjoy the feeling to warmth whenever I wear sweaters. Sweaters go well with a cup of tea or coffee.

 (picture from yesstyle)

-Faux Leather Jackets: Fall is too hot for big thick jackets and too cold for no jackets but a faux leather jacket provide just the right amount of warmth for those chilly days. You can wear them with a dress to dress it up or with something simple and dress it down.

 (picture from yesstyle)

Columbia Sweaters: I love Columbia sweaters because its warm and easy to style with. I personally own a couple sweaters and wear them during fall and winter. You can wear them during those lazy days or out with some friends. I’m sure everyone has at least one, right?

(from google)


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