October is going to be a very busy month for me, traveling wise and money wise. First, I am going to Valleyscare with my friends this year and I am very excited. I’m not the biggest fan of scary stuff but I do enjoy the occasional scary movies. I have never been to a haunted house or hay ride before and I am wondering how I would react to this event. I am beyond excited and a little bit nervous but I can’t wait.

Next, I am going to NYC for my sister’s birthday and I know that I am going to be wasting a lot of money there (crying right now). My sister is turning 26 or was it 27…? Anyways, it’s her birthday and she wanted to celebrate it in NYC. The tickets was cheap(ish) and we were all free. We’re only spending the weekend there and I am beyond excited to go. I began planning for this trip since August and we’re going in October. All I know is that I’m going to be eating more than my weight over there, partying it up at some bars, buying some anime and Japanese goodies, and of course, buying some Asian skincare stuff because that’s what I always buy.

Of course we can’t forget about Halloween. My church is having a small carnival/Halloween night for the little kids at my church and I and a couple of other youth members are in charge of it. I’m supposed to come up with some kid-friendly games and prizes and I haven’t got a clue where to start. I’m not very creative and I steal most of my games from Running Man, but since they’re kids, I can’t really use the games they play and apply it to this carnival night. They won’t be able to play it.

Anyways, this month is going to be busy, and adding to all of this is school and work. But all in all, I am happy and blessed to be going on these many adventures and excited to get out of my comfort zone. As my family knows, I would rather stay home and never interact with people but traveling will help me, hopefully. Wish me luck!


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